School Ethos

School Ethos

Teaching and Learning - is based on:

  •     a mutual, collaborative relationship between staff, students and home tutors
  •     the belief that all students can learn and achieve their potential
  •     home tutors, students and teachers all sharing a responsibility for a child’s learning
  •     the individual needs of students being recognised and addressed
  •     curriculum that is culturally and developmentally appropriate and has real life application.

Students – we value and aim to ensure that our students:

  •     are responsible, self motivated learners
  •     enjoy school
  •     give their best at all times and be willing to help others
  •     have strong social and communication skills
  •     are healthy and fit.

Teachers – at SIDE Primary School are professional and committed to:

  •     providing a safe and caring environment that ensures they make a difference to each and every student
  •     quality teaching and learning and to developing each child to their full potential
  •     concept of team and actively contribute towards it
  •     the notion of life long learning
  •     establishing and maintaining a close, collaborative partnership with home tutors to ensure the very best learning can occur.


  • value quality education and recognise their unique role in distance education
  • are supportive of the school and value the concept of parents as partners
  • ensure each child in our school is provided with every opportunity to achieve their true potential.