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Sending and receiving large files

DET has a facility to easily send and receive large files. It's called IFEX. This guide explains its use.

Why not just email?

The easiest way to transmit files is by attachment to an email, but there are a couple of limitations:

  • There is a practical limitation (for DET users) of 150 Mb per email
  • The total email quota for a teacher is 150Mb – and this is easily filled

To overcome this, the DET Internet File Exchange (IFEX) allows larger files to be transferred very simply and reliably.


You'll find a link on the SIDE Primary website under the Home Tutors section. The direct link is:


You can access this site publicly – from any Internet connection. You don't have to be on the DET network to use it.


The big rule

Whilst the IFEX is publicly accessible, it has one absolutely necessary limitation (that should NOT affect SIDE use):

Either the sender or the recipient MUST have a valid DET email address

File sizes and restrictions

  • IFEX allow the transfer of individual files up to 25 megabytes.
  • A maximum of 10 files can be sent in one transaction
  • The maximum total size of files in one transfer is 150 megabytes

Frankly, if files for teaching and learning use are any bigger than this, they're probably just too big. In the exceptional case where huge files have to be transmitted, the use of archiving (zipping) should be explored. In such cases, seek help on this if from the SIDE OTL or IT Systems team. (Students should ask their teacher.)


Usage of the IFEX is very simple – a young child could manage it easily. This means that as adults, we'll need instructions:

  • Go to the public IFEX page. There's no log in needed
  • Enter your email address AND the recipients email address. Remember, one of them must be a valid DET email address
  • You might want to add a comment or description
  • Click Browse and locate the file you want to send. Repeat for multiple files (more Browse buttons will appear as you go, up to a maximum of 10)
  • Click the Send File(s) button. If you're sending files from outside the DET network, be prepared to wait. It can take some time on a slow Internet connection

You will see a transmission advice that tells you the file has been sent. It includes a receipt number. You can print this out as proof of the transmission.

ifex 02


Click the Back to upload button to send more files.

This is an elegant way to ensure the IFEX is used for DET business only. A SIDE teacher, for example, can send and receive files from students with non-DET email addresses (such as Hotmail), yet anonymous individuals of dubious intent from across the wider Internet can't turn it into a "free transmission service".

ifex 03

Receiving the file

The recipient will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a link to download the file. The file is automatically deleted from the IFEX

server after 7 days.

Possible problem

There should be no issues on the DET network, but if a user with a private email address doesn't get the email, they should check their SPAM filter settings.