Assessment and Reporting at SIDE


Assessment of students' work is an essential part of the learning process. It provides the student and the home tutor with ongoing feedback about progress, acknowledges achievements and areas of strength, and identifies areas for improvement. It allows the teacher to monitor progress and advise the home tutor of ways to assist the student. Evaluation of student progress drives the teaching/learning program.

SIDE provides a comprehensive reporting system to inform parents/home tutors of student progress and achievement. These include:

  • regular feedback for each work package
  • bi-annual school reports
  • parent interviews
  • student self-assessment
  • standardised testing


SIDE Primary reports on achievement twice a year (June/July and December) using the Department of Education report format which is common to all public schools as per the Policy Standards for Pre-Primary to Year 10: Teaching, Assessment and Reporting. More information can be found on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website.